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At AutoNovaTM we're driven by value, reliability and compatibility. Some Brands think that's too much to ask, but for AutoNovaTM that's exactly what you get.

Our Automotive Window Regulators includes both powered and hand-wind options with a wide range of fitment. Power window interior (door) Switch controllers compliment the range.

Designed to operate as compatible replacements to original, our range of electrical Switches and Controls include Steering Column Stalk Indicators, wipers and headlight controllers.

AutoNova's Starter Motors and Alternators are all made in OEM facilities with built-in reliability to ensure you get the right fit and function for your vehicle.

Our Horn wiring and relay kits are compatible with most automotive Horns including leading brands such as Stebel.

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Equivalent to OEM parts specifications
AutoNova Australian owned and operated
Australian owned and operated
Built-in Reliability, Functionality and Value
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Engineered for Value & Reliability

All AutoNovaTM Parts pass stringent quality control and reliability testing

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Suitable for most
Vehicle Types

A wide range of economical parts suitable for most Cars and 4X4s 

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Covered by comprehensive Warranties

Product specific coverage of either
1 year 3 year and 5 Year*.

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Wide Range of Electrical and Mechanical Parts

Window regulators, Column controls, Starter motors, Alternators

Window Regulators, Column Stalk Switches, Starter Motors & Alternators

A Range of Automotive Parts engineered for value and reliability.
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AUTONOVATM automotive parts are supported by a range of warranties

AUTONOVATM understands that both value and compatibility are paramount to our customers. That's why our range of quality automotive parts are supported by manufacturing and/or product lifespan warranties.

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AUTONOVATM  Electrical and Mechanical Automotive Parts are currently exclusively available at

AUTONOVATM parts reviews, what our customers think.

At AUTONOVATM we're constantly assessing, refining, developing and expanding our automotive ranges. The genuine feedback we receive from our customers is a crucial part of this process and our success.
742 Reviews
Jesse B
Verified Buyer: yes
100% with no worries at all no modifications were needed happy with and shipping was extremely fast from QLD to Victoria and delivered within 23 hours was extremely fantastic
Posted 2 days ago
David C
Verified Buyer: yes
Fits the GQ wagon like a glove
Posted 3 days ago
Moses C
Verified Buyer: yes
OEM specs, perfect fitment and works great
Posted 5 days ago
David A
Verified Buyer: yes
Perfect fit works perfectly and way cheaper then other places
Posted 5 days ago
Peta A
Verified Buyer: yes
Finally got to fit this, listed as only for a fixed steering column but I managed to get it onto a tilting column with only some extra cable length to perfectly.
Posted 1 week ago
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If you any questions or queries relating to the AUTONOVATM Electrical and Mechanical Automotive Parts Range please contact Sales

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*ISW Trading Pty Ltd warrants its products (AUTONOVATM) for a limited period of either 1 year or 1 year/25,000km (first occurence). Warranties subject to change.

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